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Classroom activities

Home school and community groups

Science doesn't have to be boring!

Science Connections specializes in bringing engaging, hands-on activities straight to your group.  We offer some program suggestions but invite you to contact us with your ideas!  All programs are customizable based on your group's preferences and topics of study.  

Available Programs

Programs are available for many STEM areas including chemistry, biology, archeology, forensics, food science, and physics. 


Program Titles Include:

-Fossil Discovery       -The Science of Sound 

-'Green' Science         -Heart Health                  

-Crime Solvers           -Nature's Recycler's        

-Colorful Chemistry   -Space Exploration 

Science and Stories

Science Connections offers a specific set of programs titled 'Science and Stories' that integrate hands-on science activities paired with a relevant story book.  Each program starts off with reading a book and then continues with experiments which explore relevant topics.  Perfect for elementary school groups! 

Program Pricing

Below is the pricing information for Science Connections programs.  For additional information or pricing for larger groups contact us!

Classroom Programs

The expert scientist will bring all the supplies, lead your students in the activity, and provide you with follow-up activities for your class.  Each program is created with Next Generation Science Standards in mind and can be tailored to your curriculum.  

One-hour experiment: 1-25 students-$100  /

25-50 students-$150  /  51-75 students-$200


Birthday Parties

Our expert scientists will come to your party with take-home experiment kits for each guest and will lead them in a series of fun and exciting activities.  Contact us for pricing.


Science and Stories

Our educator will come to your event with hands-on science activities and a perfect storybook to match.  Each program starts with the story and proceeds with several experiments.  Great for drop in programs of all lengths. Contact us for pricing. 

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